Transnational crime has become a significant issue for almost all of the countries in the world as it deals with horrific activities done across different countries. There has been a steep rise in the transnational crime in the recent past, due to which this issue has continuously been a part of most of the international forums for the past few years.

Looking Through The Lens of Transnational Crime
Looking Through The Lens of Transnational Crime

Causes of Transnational Crime

Globalization has helped the transnational criminals in connecting and setting up the networks for organized crimes all across the world. Economic imbalances and poverty are considered the main reasons for Transnational crime to be taking place. Other causes include the states where the government is not in full control and the fringe elements control the working of the country in some way or the other. New technologies, global transactions, and accessible communication across the world have also contributed to the rise of Transnational crimes.


There are several kinds of transnational crimes operating throughout the world at the moment. Human trafficking, kidnapping, slavery, drug trafficking, goods smuggling, counterfeit goods, cyber attacks, and piracy are just a few of them. In the end, the main reason for all of the transnational crimes is to earn billions of dollars in an organized but illegal manner. Goods which are illegal in one country but legal and easy to access in other countries through an illegal way is one such example. Same goes with the services and slavery. The base of all of these illicit businesses is the controlling of the trading channels between the countries.

Modus Operandi of Transnational Criminals

No criminal group isn’t self-sufficient to do all the stuff in a deal through the borders of different countries, so they have to rely on other groups (especially on the ground), for some activities, which can be delivering of the goods or giving assistance in helping with the product to penetrate through the borders. It doesn’t necessarily mean that these groups are very fond of each other, but the fact that they can’t survive without each other forces them to do so. Sometimes, even the bonding between these groups isn’t enough to carry out a deal. Powerful criminals also include the corrupt officials and politicians in this nexus, the officials who are in charge of keeping a check on these activities are mostly the top target of Transnational criminals. One thing that has immensely helped the Transnational criminals is the connectivity of the world through the technology, which means that they don’t need any specific place to do their thing, they can do their work from any corner of the world.

Fighting Transnational Crimes

The international community is trying to come up with different ways to control these criminal activities. The creation of Interpol is one such step, Interpol helps the authorities of the concerned countries by providing them specific information, giving them suggestions by analyzing patterns of the criminal groups, assisting in the investigation on the global level and by keeping a constant check on the communication channels of the criminals. UN conventions against Transnational crimes are also showing their effects. Treaties between two or more countries on providing information and helping each other in the fight against global corruption is also an essential step in halting the activities of these criminals.